Gymnastics Class

[one_half last=”no”] [title size=”2″]Gymnastics Class, Sunday’s 12:30-1:30[/title]

Coach: Kim Reinhardt

We often refer to gymnastics in CrossFit as the body weight movements.

Free of apparatus – Pushups, handstand pushups, handstand holds and walks, squats, pistols, burpees, planks, lunges

Apparatus – Toes to bar, pullups, boxjumps, high rings (muscle-ups), low rings (L-sits, dips, push variations)

Unconventional Crossfit – cartwheels, rolls, levers, t-outs, y-outs

Our gymnastics program will be geared toward body weight movements and will help members develop strength, coordination, and core control.

What to expect:
-Learn body awareness to improve coordination in movement
-Build Core strength
-Learn and understand transfer of energy through the body
-Learn the break down of different movements and exercises to develop strength
-Learn some unconventional CrossFit moves such as cartwheels and rolls.

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