855 Ferry Street
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 579-1248

Olympic Weight Lifting

Saturdays at 11:45am

Coach: Heidie Morris

Olympic lifts are very challenging technically, but mastering these movements can be very rewarding. The Olympic Lifting Class is a time to specifically practice the clean & jerk, and snatch. The Olympic Lifting Class will last 1 to 1.5 hours a week. Time spent with coaching and time built in for lifting. The classes will involve proper warm-up routines, mobility and drills, followed by lifting sessions to improve strength and position.

If you would like to improve these lifts for everyday Crossfit classes, competition purpose, or to add in some extra squatting to your weekly routine, this is for you.

Olympic lifts are used universally in high schools, colleges and professionally to help athletes improve speed and power. Not only improving on how fast you can move by jumping higher or running faster, Olympic lifting is one of the best full body exercises. Moving weight from the ground to overhead is a great way to learn how to incorporate the body as a whole. These lifts can carry over into other areas of CrossFit by teaching your body coordination and awareness.