855 Ferry Street
Eugene, Oregon 97401
(541) 579-1248

Lane 5 Community

Lane 5 CrossFit was established in 2012 by brothers Tom and Bill Pappas. Since opening, Lane 5 continues to grow with people from all walks of life. But we all share a common goal of long term health and wellness.

In a coached environment, members are continually learning how to move better, and have programmed structure in their quest to getting stronger, gaining endurance, and learning new skills. All of our workouts are scalable to each members ability.

Our community environment helps in accountability, and developing life long friendships. Having coaches in a community environment helps to combat common downfalls to longterm training, such as…boredom of same things, not knowing what to do, working out alone, being held accountable, and not pushing yourself as much as you would without others helping and making the experience more fun.


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