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Crossfit Classes

Lane 5 Crossfit Classes

Our Crossfit Classes are programmed weekly to provide the best workout for our members. We start off the session with a dynamic warmup, which is often time followed by a 15- 20 minute strength workout. After completing the strength portion, we finish the class with the workout of the day (WOD) – which usually lasts under 20 minutes. The workout of the day combines Gymnastic movements, Olympic Weightlifting, and Metabolic Conditioning into a high intensity training session. By doing so, helps to create an optimum setting for building muscle, increasing endurance, and building a healthier body.

Components of Lane 5 Crossfit WODs


Movements like ring dips, pull ups, toes to bars, and knees to elbows are a few of the basic skills used in our WODs. More intense movements like handstand pushups, muscle ups, and ring muscle ups can be scaled, and are often used as skill builders in our gym.

Olympic Weightlifting

We use Olympic Weightlifting movements like cleans, push press, jerk, deadlift, etc. in our daily WODs. These movements encourage muscular development and good form throughout the workout.

Metabolic Conditioning

Skills such as running, rowing, and jumping rope are often used as cardio in our WODs, however, we also use a mixture of body weight movements, higher number of reps, and complementary movements as conditioning. We use a mixture of timed workouts and task completion workouts.