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Lane 5 Crossfit Mission

More Than Just a Gym

Lane 5 Crossfit provides a balanced progression of training that never loses sight of the big picture for each individual. Our vision is to build a foundation that grows from week to week, month to month, and year to year in a way that promotes the health and wellness of each unique member. Through the collection of specific data on each member we are able to constantly assess the individual, even in a group environment. We are always evaluating our training strategies based on the overall results of the gym, and seek out the trends shown over time to be successful in our environment.

Our lead coaches, Tom and Billy Pappas, have world class experience as both track and field athletes in the Decathlon and coaches. Just as they trained for years to master each discipline in the Decathlon, Lane 5 Crossfit strives to help its members master each area of personal fitness, regardless of the starting point of each person. Tom and Billy, have a strong network of resources that integrate to form a truly unique training environment right here in Eugene.

We are MORE than just a Crossfit gym. Come and see the difference…

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Eugene, Oregon

855 Ferry Street
Mobile: 1 (541) 579-1248
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Lane 5 Crossfit