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New Years 2 for 1 Membership!

Grab a friend – 2 people workout for price of 1

Sign-up below, anytime from now until January 14th
No commitment or contracts required
First month only

Option 1 – Split an unlimited membership ($75 per person)

Option 2 – Split “On Ramp”┬áprogram ($100 per person)
*pays for 6 private teaching sessions, plus unlimited membership for remaining part of month.

*Option 1 require that the individuals have experience with certain movements (squats, deadlifts, pressing, cleans)

**Option 2 is for individuals who want to try out crossfit but do not have much experience with weightlifting.

***Friends can split any combination of options. For example, one friend can do unlimited membership for $75, while other friend does “On Ramp” program for $100.

About the “On Ramp”
Some of our members began their journey here at Lane 5 with 6 private teaching sessions that we call our “On Ramp”. Each session starts with a warm-up, practicing the movements for the day, followed by a workout.

These classes will give you a solid foundation that can be used to build on once you enter into the regular CrossFit classes.

To sign-up, use the form to tell us you and your friends name, and which membership option(s) you are wanting to try out.

Call or email – bill@lane5crossfit.com, with questions you may have.
-Maybe you don’t have someone to participate with?
-How does scheduling of On Ramp work?